Mann Lake - Vented Beekeeping Suit with Veil

Mann Lake’s completely redesigned ventilated bee suit ensures you stay cool on hot days in the beeyards. A layer of rubberized netting is sandwiched between two layers of finely woven netting. Mann Lake’s ventilated suits have open netting on both the suit and the veil to allow a nice breeze to flow through so you can be more comfortable even on the hottest day.

Ventilated beekeeping suits are cut generously, just like Mann Lake’s Honey Maker® Bee Suits, offering the freedom of movement you need from a bee jacket. On this ventilated suit, there are two chest pockets (one zippered), two side pant pockets, two hive tool pockets, two back pockets, and reinforced fabric on the knees. There are heavy-duty two-way zippers at the neck and the chest for easy on and off and a self-supporting collapsible veil. The suit protects you in every possible way, should you need it. They also have elastic at the wrist with an elastic thumb hold and heavy-duty zippers at the ankles.

**Style may vary slightly**

  • Specifications: 15.20 inches
    • 00 lbs
    • Tip: Use baseball cap to keep the veil away from your face
    • Machine Wash Cold
    • Do NOT Bleach
    • Remove veil before washing
    • Do NOT soak

“All bee supplies pre-ordered online are for Pick Up at event only, no shipping!”