The Source for Premium-Quality Package Bees

We raise premium-quality package bees and distribute them to partners across North America in trucks specially equipped to keep them cool and happy. We breed our bees to be robust and healthy, as well as excellent pollinators and phenomenal honey producers.

Our Bees Travel in Custom-Designed Comfort

To ensure that our bees are as healthy and happy when they reach your hives as they are when they leave ours, we transport them in special, climate-controlled trailers. Formerly refrigerated trucks, they've been re-engineered to keep the bees at a comfortable temperature, with just the right airflow, no matter the distance or the season. And each is driven by a person trained to handle bees. OHB is the only bee producer in the world that has this custom-designed transport system.

Specialized Trucks

Package Bees

How to Install a Package of Bees

It is best to install your packages during the early evening hours, or during sunset. If you have to install earlier in the day, select a very shady area.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Package Bees