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Introducing Randy Oliver's "Golden West" Queen Bee, meticulously bred to excel in key traits essential for thriving bee colonies. Crafted with a commitment to excellence, the Golden West Queen prioritizes gentleness as its hallmark characteristic, ensuring a harmonious beekeeping experience for handlers.

In addition to their gentle demeanor, Golden West Queens are selected for their unwavering strength and productivity. These queens lead colonies with resilience and vigor, driving efficient honey production and robust brood rearing, ultimately contributing to thriving hive populations.

Not stopping there, Golden West Queens also boast impressive mite resistance, a crucial attribute in modern beekeeping. Their ability to withstand the challenges posed by parasitic mites, such as Varroa destructor, underscores their resilience and longevity.

Furthermore, unlike other breeding programs, Golden West Queens are not selected based on color or pattern, ensuring that emphasis remains solely on performance and adaptability to various environments.

Each Golden West Queen undergoes rigorous selection criteria, with only the best colonies returning from almond pollination considered for potential breeder qualification. From these elite colonies, the cream of the crop is grafted, ensuring that every Golden West Queen embodies the pinnacle of genetic potential.

Experience the difference with Randy Oliver's Golden West Queen Bee – a testament to superior breeding practices and a beacon of excellence in the world of beekeeping.

Our package bees include:

  • 3 lbs. of bees
  • 1 mated & marked queen
  • Can of feed

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