Olivarez Honey Bees offers a range of products and services to meet your beekeeping and pollination needs. Whether you are a commercial beekeeper seeking to replenish your colonies, a beginning hobbyist seeking high-quality queens, or a farmer needing better crop pollination, we look forward to serving you.


OHB Italian Queens Hygienic

  • Italian queens form the backbone of OHB.
  • We choose our breeder queens based on the hive's performance in honey production, gentleness, brood rearing viability and overall ability to overwinter healthy and heavy.
  • OHB has been working with the "Tech Transfer Team", developed by Marla Spivak, for the last 5 years in an effort to identify and maintain desirable traits in our current stock. OHB has infused the "Minnesota Hygienic" and the "VSH" traits into our Italian stock.
  • We have taken special care of our Italians and they are the best of the best.

Carniolans Hygienic

  • OHB has three sources for Instrumentally Inseminated Breeder Queens: Strachan Apiaries "New World Carniolan", Latshaw Apiaries "Karnica", Glenn Apiaries "Carniolan x VSH"
  • Carniolans are known for their winter hardiness, rapid spring build-up and great honey production.
  • Carniolans show great resistance to tracheal mites and are great comb builders.
  • The queens we produce from these breeders are open mated with all of our stock. These queens have performed well in all areas and we are confident that you will be pleased.

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